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We are building an AI and ML powered API proprietary technology that harnesses “gig work” transaction data history into tailor made and recommended alternative financing and inclusion services for those working and trading on gig platforms.

For the gig workers in Africa it means no need to fill out an application. Simply request or be recommended and receive credit in real time. Then pay it back with a “little by little” collection model through each gig job performed on the platform.

Our tailor-made financial wellness platform will offer 4 unique features that set us apart from both traditional institutions or exploitative digital financial services operating across Africa today.


Get to know the digital worker and their financial goals.


Financial education and business tools.


Savings and investments options for wealth creation.


Sustainable micro-credit and lending to grow your business.

what we do

For Gig Platforms Operating In Africa;

let us finance your gig workers, you simply maintain and grow your platforms and revenue.

For Gig Workers & Entrepreneurs In Africa;

we understand you deeper based upon data, you simply grow or expand your existing digital business as and when is flexible to you.


Our Passion Is To Fuel The Growth Of The Gig Economy And Reduce Unemployment Among African Youth Through Our Bespoke Digital Financing And Inclusion Platform

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