We are the future of financial services infrastructure for Africa’s gig workers in

ImaliPay is your financial sidekick. We understand you and are creating tailored financial solutions to keep your gig going.

We are changing the way Africa’s gig workers reach their financial goals

We’ve built a suite of nimble finance tools to empower entrepreneurs, freelancers, go-getters and independent workers to keep their gig going.

ImaliPay is your financial sidekick. Use our app to get in touch

We move as fast as you do, create an account with us in under 5 minutes

We will walk the financial journey with you. Get the tools of your trade through our Buy Now Pay Later marketplace and pay for it later.

We reward you for paying-on time. Earn points, rewards and unlock discounts when you pay-on time for your purchased items.

We make saving as easy as A-B-C, with flexible options that help you reach your goals

A Unique Approach to Partnerships

We enable any company which employs gig workers to offer a suite of ImaliPay financial services to their workers to increase their productivity and to increase worker retention.

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Let’s Partner!

Our team is always looking to partner with companies supporting the gig economy. We aim to understand and provide solution to the challenges you are facing.

Our solution has been created with you in mind, and here’s how:

We are the conduit through which your gig workers can leverage our products and services under negotiated terms.

Seamless integration. We’ve done all the heavy lifting, so you integrate with an easy plug-and-play experience.

24/7 Support. We are available to respond to your needs.

Some of our partners and clients

APIs built with developers in mind

We’ve built a suite of easy-to-integrate APIs for you to embed into your app including: Wallet, KYC and Payments

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